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Boxed Books

With our April 2020 sale cancelled and our October 2020 sale uncertain, we have a large supply of books packed in boxes and stacked high in our Sorting Place building. In order to make space for new donations, we are selling pre-packed boxes of books at $22 each. 

Each box contains books in a specific category. Damaged books, or items that we feel wouldn't sell at a book sale are weeded out before the boxes are packed, though we can't guarantee the condition of the individual items in the packed boxes. The boxes are 18" x 13.5" x 6.5", and hold an average of 14-22 hardcover or trade paperback books (though this can vary by the size of the books in individual categories).

Proceeds go toward programming at the Loveland Public Library.

Colorado/Local Interest
Foreign Language


History, U.S.
Literature Performing Arts
Pets/Farm AnimalsReference/Writing
Sciences - Applied Science
Sciences - Biology/Nature Sciences - Natural Sciences (math, physics, chemistry, astronomy) Supernatural/Unexplained
Travel/GeographyTrue Crime



Start by contacting us:

here, through the Contact Us form on our website; include details about how many boxes you want, and in which subjects; select Buying Books as the category from the drop-down list

or by phone at 970-962-2712; leave a message with your contact information and details about how many boxes you want, and in which subjects


Pay for your order:

  • through Chapter Two Online (click here), or on this page, below, by clicking on the photo; you will be charged sales tax through this payment option
  • if you have tax exempt status, bring your resale permit and pay at the Chapter Two Bookstore in Loveland Public Library any time the library is open


Pick up your order:

All boxed books will be picked up at the Sorting Place, 1010 West 10th St., Loveland. Stop by on Wednesdays, noon - 2 PM, and bring your receipt. Other times for pick up may be scheduled on request.

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